Monday, August 21, 2006

Mail Day!

Today, I had a really great mail day. So, I figured I would share. It's great how I can feel inspired by the PC's and things I receive. It makes me want to go make something. I am working on a PC for another postcard group. When I am complete with these, I will just be focusing on the SurfaceDesign group for a while. The theme of the PC's is open/close. I wanted to sign up for this because I have these great little electrical devices that you put into cards and you open them up and they play a tune. It's been difficult incorporating them. I finally have an idea. I will do a puzzle piece for the front. Of course, I am still facinated by silk fusion, so the puzzle piece is made of silk fusion. I'll show the front of the PC when I get a chance.

So, here is my great mail day...

From SueB..a wonderful example of how to use sheers and a soldering iron...

From Heidi, I loved her blog so much, I asked if she might do a trade with me... I love all the different embellishments..

From Pat, for our Mythical and Mystical swap...a fun type of creature....

And, lastly from our materials swap a great bunch of hand dyed fabric and embellishments. Eventhough I do dye my own fabrics, I love to get others dyed fabrics. It's an art within itself!


Blogger Helen in the UK said...

Love the postcard, particularly the one from Heidi. Can you share her blog address? I'd love to check it out. Thanks.

12:57 AM  
Blogger Joanna van said...

Hi Helen,

I really must learn how to add links. I tried this morning with no success! If you get this, here is Heidi's blog..


Thanks for reading!

5:59 AM  

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