Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Calendar Girls

I've been invited to join Calendar Girls, which is such an honor. We are going to interpret a picture each month into a fiber composition. I look forward to learning from all these fabulous ladies! I was unable to put the button on my blog linking the site. I have no idea why it wouldn't take. I also tried to upgrade my blog and it gave a lot of errors so I reverted back to the old blog.

Also, I was recently in Borders and I saw this book called "The Art of The Snowflake". It really is a beautiful book. My son and I have been looking through it together a few times already and he's only 3. It's interesting how symmetrical a snowflake is and there are lots of snowflakes to get inspiration from.


Blogger katelnorth said...

Oh wow, i want that book - will have to put it on my list - I do love snowflakes. I bet my little one would like it too (he's 4 - nearly 5)

1:51 PM  
Blogger clevelandgirlie said...

Hi Joanna - I figured this would be a good place to respond to your question as to how I cut the snowflakes. In one word - Cuttlebug! There is a picture of this contraption on my blog. I actually bought it for my daughter who is a scrapbook girl, however I found that it cuts tissue paper AND fabric - woo hoo! AND best of all it was an inexpensive little tool if you use a coupon from Joann's Fabrics. Also the little dies are pretty cheap and you can buy plastic texture plates that emboss (which is what I used for the swirly design) AND best of all the texture plates are great for rubbings on fabric with Shiva Paintstix, etc. (unlike those "really expensive" texture plates designed specifically for fabric. cuttlebug plates are $3-$5 and work wonderfully.

9:14 AM  

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