Friday, October 12, 2007

Doreen tagged me...so here it is...

Seven honest things about yourself

1. I often find myself buying things with the thoughts.. "hmmm, this has a great future use"...and as a consequence I believe I have too many things and spend way too much money! Speaking of future uses (lol), read down for my latest example.

2. I have lots of time to think about things and little time to actually focus. I have two young children that take up most of my time.

3. I own too many books I haven't read.

4. I'm jealous of those of you who are able to go on workshops and quilt trips.

5. I too often worry about what other people will think.

6. I need to take things a little more easy and stop thinking about the future and being on time or making the optimal use of time. The other day I was out shopping and I was getting my daughter into the car when my son (who I should learn more from) started splashing around in water puddles with no concept of time or what was to be done next and I was rushing him into the car telling him to hurry up. Sometimes..we should all just live in the moment and enjoy.

7. All in all, I really do have a good life...so why complain!

And, on to my latest acquisition, I found this fabric on sale and really thought how basic and interesting it is. It really brings me back to school when we had to map things out on graph paper. Wouldn't it be interested to do a quilt equation? Maybe, I need to ask my husband..haha..he's the math expert...this fabric has some possibilities!


Blogger Doreen G said...

Iike no.3 Joanna too many books etc.---me too

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