Sunday, May 27, 2007


After seeing Jan and Jean's sketchbooks, I thought they were so inspirational. And, it's funny, I was looking through amazon and came across this book. But, I must say a Sketch In Time is better. I really do want to shift my focus now and try to make samples and organize some assemblance of a sketchbook. Also, QA is looking for sketchbook submissions if any of you have any out there you should submit. I finished my door for th QA challenge, so now I can focus on some experimenting for a bit. It's amazing how artistic some of these sketchbooks are. You wonder if they ever make mistakes in them haha. I think I need to take some courses in drawing after looking at some of these sketches in Creating Sketchbooks. Jan and Jean would take guesso and apply it to pages in hard covered books...kind of recycling them. I think this is an interesting concept.


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Joanna I have both of these books...each is good in it's own way...I have already "gesso'ed" 4 vintage 1970's hardcover sewing books...I'm calling them "workbooks"...one is for my color studys in texture...my summer project...

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