Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wool Vs. Cotton Batting

I'd appreciate any feedback on what you all think about wool vs. cotton batting. I'm thinking of buying some wool Hobbs batting because I've heard you can manipulate it more and it is easier to get out puckering. Anyways, I'd appreciate any thoughts if any of you have used wool vs cotton?


Blogger TracyB said...

.....is this a quilt that's going to see a lot of use (like for a child) where it's going to need to be washed often & will it be able to be thrown in a dryer or is this more of an ornamental quilt & will only be dry cleaned? The question I have with the wool batting, if it is to be washed and dried in your home, will there be any problem with the wool batting felting inside of the quilt? Or is that not an issue?

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