Monday, January 08, 2007


Hello faithful blog readers...

In case you are not already aware, there is going to be an Earth Day auction of fiber art. It is going to be great fun! But, we need your talent to get it going. We need to get some great fiber art by March 10th. We have some great artists already signed on but need more. There will be paper and fiber art from wall art to PC's. It will be so interesting to see what goes to auction. The auction will be on ebay with the proceeds going directly to Greenpeace.

We were considering a few environmental organizations and decided upon Greenpeace because of their impact to the environment. They help to save rainforests and animals, as well as bring a voice to global warming and the habitats that are destroyed as a result of this.

We have a blog set up to showcase the artists and their contributions at...


If any of you are interested, please email me at jvanrit@yahoo.com.

Also, we have some great contributions from Misty Fuse and a Joggles gift certificate that Sue so kindly added to the mix to donate as raffle prizes to participants!

Thank you



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