Sunday, August 31, 2008

Times Changed

I just had to share this. This is from the 1950's. Isn't it so interesting how the ideas of what a woman should do have changed? I guess it's more how it's presented. This almost seems like the Stepford Wives.

I must do "100 strokes MINIMUM" on my hair . Or check this one, "suprefluous hair on legs or under arms can ruin even the most exquisite daintiness". How funny!

Are you a "Budget Beauty"?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

September Calendar Girls

For September for Calendar Girls, I wanted to move away from flowers and focus on a word. So, I chose the word time, which was in the quote. Then, I thought about what was one of the most famous symbols of time...Big Ben. So, I took the image and I manipulated it into photoshop and came up with the backdrop for my piece. I also used stamped text as well. I wanted to make a small clock out of it so I added a time piece. So, this is a clock postcard. Although, you'd have great pains mailing it as a post card...but what the heck it's my wild interpretation:)