Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mail Call!

I received a beautiful PC from Sandy. Isn't it just lovely? It's from the Calendar Girls swap for March.

Also, here is another great package from Debbi. We exchanged fairy shoes. These fairy shoes are so beautiful and very special. I also love the package of papers Debbi sent. So many ideas! Thanks so much Debbi!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wool Vs. Cotton Batting

I'd appreciate any feedback on what you all think about wool vs. cotton batting. I'm thinking of buying some wool Hobbs batting because I've heard you can manipulate it more and it is easier to get out puckering. Anyways, I'd appreciate any thoughts if any of you have used wool vs cotton?

Friday, March 21, 2008


I am planning out doing a really large art quilt. I would appreciate any tips or ideas any of you might have to prevent puckering while stitching. I've heard of fusing the backing and the front and of course the traditional pin and baste technique. I haven't done a large quilt in years and was never really good at keeping it without puckers. Anyone done the fusing technique with success?

Please help! Vicki if you are reading this, I know you are a pro at this kind of stuff maybe you might have some suggestions?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lasting Impressions From A 3 Year Old

I just have to share this cute little picture my son did. I thought it would be interesting for him to interpret a Calendar Girls calendar image. I had him look at April's picture and draw what he liked. He wanted me to draw a flower and hearts to show him how. So on the outside border I drew the hearts and flower. Then, he drew his FIRST flower on the inside with little hearts. Don't you also like how me signed his name up the side?

Are you ready for the cutest thing? Check out the little black boxes on each of the corners. I asked him..."So, what are these?"

His response..."This is so you can increase and decrease the size." Is my son into the computer age or what? I thought this was so cute to say for a little 3 year old.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Art That Makes An Impact

What's the first piece of art that comes to your mind right now? Do you have special pieces of art in your mind that just never go away...they might not be the Da Vinci's or van Gogh's but they just stay with you. I was thinking about this. I'm sure there are many you know but there are few that stay with you. There are a few that kind of just stay with me. This is one. David Hockney's "A Bigger Splash". I think this is such an interesting painting because you have all the symmetry of the building and pool ...and then there is the "splash". There are so many deep meanings you can attach to this painting. I've always liked the "order and disorder" of this piece.

I'd also be interested to hear about any fiber creations that "just stay with you".

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Staedtler Proportional Scale

I'm not sure how familiar any of you are with the proportional scale. It is a really cool object to have. It's great if you want to enlarge something and want a proportion ratio. Basically, you say how many inches you want your finished product to be and it tells you what ratio to enlarge. Makes copying that much easier. Pretty neat eh? Also, can use it for reducing ratios.

Well, I bought a few of these and if anyone wants one for $4.50 (includes shipping in US, overseas will be a $1.00 more) and you have a paypal account email me and I'll send you one.

It really is a neat little device.

I found out about this device while watching the Katie PM DVD. It really is a great DVD with lot's of information to make an artquilt

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Calendar Girls

Dianne received her postcard so now I'd like to share. Dianne loves fairies so I figured I'd do a spin on a flower fairy for the March trade. I wanted to do some clip art with thread painting but I gave up on this after a couple of times. It then evolved into the below PC. The little flowers were created in Photoshop from the composition I discussed a couple posts ago. I like how it turned out. The backdrop is Skydyes.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

PC From Give-a-way

I received this PC a little while back from answering a question right on Julaine's blog. Pretty cool eh? I would never have thought to incorporate colored staples into a composition.