Sunday, April 29, 2007

Mail Day

I bought the below book from Michaels. It has some really interesting things in it. One of the things is a little tag book. I think this would be great translated into fiber as well.

I also got this great little tag punch...this will work great with cards I am making.

Lynda did a swap with me and I got these cute little sock monkeys for Laura and Niels. And, great beads and a padfolio. What more could a girl ask for?

This is a tassel I received from Hetty for our tassel trade on SurfaceDesign.

I also received this great padfolio and little tag from SueB...you know I can never have enough of these!

And, lastly, I received this great stamped on images PC from Norma. This was a really great trade that I was in. I am pleased with what I received.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Hello all, I know I've been a bit silent lately. I am out of town. I had to go to Michigan for a wrongful death lawsuit for my father. It has been a really difficult and emotional week. It has been emotionally draining to relive my father's death and what his sudden death has done. He was only 61 and was getting married in two weeks. I thought for sure we would win and didn't even think about what would happen if we didn't. Well...we lost and I am really sad about this but I am glad I can finally move on. It's really a sad story. My father went to a clinic at his work complaining of chest pain. So, they ran an EKG and it came back abnormal. So, the Physician's Assistant decided that this was something old and told my father it was something old and told him to go directly to the hosiptal and "did he feel well enough to drive." Well, my father interpreted this information to mean that yes he must go to the hospital and it was important but he had no idea he was having a heart attack. The PA had no basis to tell me father that he wasn't having a heart attack and that at any moment he could die and even the risks he could put to other people on the road. He was not offered an ambulance or told of the importance. So, he went home first to get his medications that he thought they might ask for at the hospital and he had what we believe a "black out" while having a heart attack. We had a corner and an expert witness say that this is more probably than not what happened and he fell backward on the stairs and died of head injuries.
It's really sad that this PA can still practice and is told that he is not negligent even at least 51% so. That his care was "reasonable". The jury only took 45 min to deliberate on a case that was 4 days long...I don't quite get it.

Anyways, I hope to be back home in a week and get myself emotionally centered. I am hoping this mandela exercise will help me when I get home to do so. I hope we can all grow as we go through this book.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Glub Glub Part II

So, yes I am obsessed with this fish . I think I shall call him Fred. This is a work in process. I did the background with the Embellisher. And, the top part of the bowl is silk batting that was dyed. I am thinking that this may be better than wool to use because it carries the colors more boldly. I bought some silk batting samplers a while back and dyed one of these up. Now if I take a look at my two sources, one for wool and the other for the silk batting, it does appear that the silk is more expensive. I thought though that when I bought some samples at the quilt show they were not as much. They have some sample battings for $2, which is what I got last time. I'm thinking I need to check the prices for silk roving. I bet this will work just the same. So, I am thinking next time I do some dying I will just do it with the silk since it takes on the colors stronger. I haven't tried koolaid on silk just the procion dyes.

This fish will eventually make it's way to PC form. I thought it might have been cute to include a cat but this will make it too big. Isn't Fred just the happest fish? And, he doesn't eat much.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Glub Glub

Here's my latest P.C. This is for the stamped images PC swap. I used the embellisher for the cheesecloth and silk and wool fibers. The background is hand dyed silk. And, I used some twinkling H20's, but you can't see them that great. They are nice but only in limited areas, it's difficult to see anything when you try to put them over larger surfaces. Also, I'm thinking they might work better on paper since fabric soaks them up. The fish is from "Stampin Up".

Hey, also I neglected to mention. I have a new sewing machine..a Bernina...boy what a difference from my crappy Pfaff (no offense to you Pfaff users.)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Three more PC's recently received

I got these three lovely PC's in the mail lately...so I figured I'd share them.

Michelle did such a beautiful job with the "Art Masters" PC challenge. She went way back.

And, don't you just dig this handmade stamp made by Elizabeth

And, lastly here is a very special peacock PC for the "Art Deco" trade from Carol Straus. Everything she does is always magical. I don't think I have ever seen better free motion stitching than Carol does. Sorry about the flash on this one. I wanted to scan some things in but we put our scanner away because my son likes it!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Earth Day and Update

The Earth Day auction is up and running check it out here.

I've received a couple of goodies in the mail this week. I got this great little padfolio from Sue. Thank you Sue!

And, Terri was having a sale on her "Go Girl" bags ...so how could I resist??

I bought this book called "The Artist Muse" a few weeks ago and hadn't had the chance to look at it. It is my kind of book. It has some really great illustrations in side and also many "challenges". It is geared towards painting but the way I look at it most of us are now "painting" on fiber now. Also, there are many challenges that you can do and just apply it to fiber. I really like these little decks of cards you get. When I get a chance, I am going to do some of these challenges. I have a couple of things I would like to finish up first. If any of you have this book, I'd love to hear from you. Also, if any of you are up for a challenge from the book, love to hear from you.

And, I tried out webbing spray on paper..way cool! I felt like Jackson Pollack. I also tried it on fabric...works great. I did this PC for the stamped image trade and used the backdrop as webbing spray.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Earth Day Winners!!!

Okay...my son has picked our winners and he decided that he wanted to pick two at once so I am also chipping in a prize as well. I'm really sorry about the quality of the pictures. One of you lucky winners will get a stamp like I posted in an earlier post. I won't spoil what it is and I won't say who it's going too. Thank you to all of you who participated the following four people will win
two packs of MistyFuse in black and white are as follows...

A BIG kind thank you to MistyFuse for helping us out!!!!
And also to Sue for her joggles.com gift certificate donation!


And the big winner of a Joggles.com gift certificate...

Carol McFee